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Online Casino Glossary Explained

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Once you have made the decision to play at an online gambling site there is some useful terminology that you should make yourself aware of. This is because the most commonly used words and phrases are used over the whole industry. They are universal and therefore it is generally beneficial to know them.

Some of the words listed here are specific to online casinos whilst others are used in the land based establishments.  There are no game-specific terms included as these are usually included within a casino games guide, and can have small variations between casinos.

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Right then let’s look at some of that useful terminology!


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Advantage Player
This is a player that has some kind of advantage over the casino and was traditionally used for card counters in blackjack, but this term can also apply to online players who use bonuses to gain an advantage.

A bet that is required in some casino games prior to the hand or round beginning.

This is another word used for the dealer or the house.

This term is used for the amount of money a player has to gamble with.

This is a sum of money given to a players by an online casino for meeting certain of the casinos' requirements.

Card Shark
This is the term given to an expert at card games.

Cash Out
This is the act of withdrawing money from an online casino.

In an online casino, this is where you can deposit and withdraw your funds from your own personal account.  In land based casinos, this is where you exchange your money for chips.

Casino Advantage
This is the mathematical advantage that the casino has over its players and can also be known as the 'house edge'.

Casino Rewards
There are many sites that will offer rewards of some kind which typically is cash or gifts depending a lot on how much the player spends at the site.

Chip Tray
This is the tray used by a dealer or croupier to hold the house chips.

These are the tokens used by the casino to represent cash and come in various monetary denominations.

Cold Streak
This is the name given to an extended losing run.

Colour Up
This is the act of exchanging smaller denomination chips for larger ones.

Comp Points
At most casinos you can earn comp points whenever you play and these points can be collected then exchanged for cash or chips for playing. In some casinos you can also use them to buy food or drink.

This is a French word that means dealer.

Cut Card
This is a plastic card which is used in land based casinos to cut the deck in some card games.

This is a casino employee who is responsible for dealing the cards.

This is the act of adding funds to your online casino account.

Download Casino
This is an online casino that requires you to download the software in order to participate in their games.

This term relates to the advantage held in a casino game and the vast majority of the time it is the casino that has the edge.

Flash Casino
This is a type of online casino that lets you to play games directly from your browser using Flash Player technology.

High Roller
A term given to someone who plays games for large sums of money.

Hot Streak
This is the term given to an extended winning run.

The casino itself is often referred to as the house.

House Edge
This is the mathematical advantage that the casino has over its players.

House Rules
These are the rules that are specific to any one particular casino.

Instant Casino
This is a type of online casino that does not require you to download any software.

This is the large prize that is offered for a specific outcome in a game, and is typically offered in slots and video poker games.

The lobby is the page in online casinos where you can find all the available games.

Loyalty Scheme
This is a scheme offered by some online sites to reward players for their continued play at the site.

Live Dealer Games
This is a type of online game that is played from a real venue, with real dealers and in real time through the use of a live video stream.

Maximum Bet
The highest wager that can be placed at a casino game.

Minimum Bet
This is the lowest stake that a player can place at a casino game.

Multihand Games
These are casino games where a player can play more than one hand at once.

Multiplayer Games
These are games where you play with other real players rather than on your own.

Payout Percentage
This is the approximate return that is paid out by a game over time, and the overall amount of bets is expressed as a percentage.

Progressive Jackpot
A type of jackpot that increases in size over time until it is won.

Random Number Generator (RNG) 
This is software that is used by online casinos to generate a random outcome in their games.

Reload Bonus
This bonus is offered to an existing customer at an online casino for making a subsequent deposit.

Sign Up Bonus
This bonus is undoubtedly the largest offered by online casinos and is offered to new players only when they join. It can also be known as the Welcome Bonus.

Sticky Bonus
This type of bonus does what it says and sticks to the players account and cannot be withdrawn until it is lost.

This is the name given to a high value player that will be offered special treatment from the casino.

This is the term given to any bet made in an online or land based casino.

Wagering Requirements
This is the amount of money that must be wagered at an online casino a set number of times in order to either earn a bonus or release a bonus to be withdrawn.

Welcome Bonus
This is the bonus offered to new customers at an online site and is also known as the sign up bonus.



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