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About Fast Odds

Get some background on the Fast Odds brand, including core principles, site accolades and future developments.


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About Fast Odds

Fast Odds was started in 2001 by a small group of dedicated gaming enthusiasts who share the goal of helping educate and inform players around the world about casino and sports gambling odds and probabilities. It is our belief that knowledge is power, and that with accurate information, all gamblers may benefit by either reducing the house's advantage or putting themselves in a better position to win more often.

Most players are looking to beat the house. By studying the information on this website, casino players may learn which bets are beneficial to make or to avoid, and sports bettors may quickly and easily find the best line on major sporting events worldwide. Our goal is to offer every player a better opportunity to win.

Why stick with us? Simply put, we're not a big over-reaching beurocracy. Our staff are humble, relatable people who have a passion for betting and winning every bit as much as our visitors. Our core principles are built on integrity, and we feel it is our duty to deliver both relevant and accurate information. That, combined with a degree of personalized service you won't find with the industry big wigs, sets us apart.

If there is a particular feature or service that you would like us to provide or improve upon, or if you simply have some general feedback, please share your thoughts by visiting our contact page. Visitor suggestions and comments are always welcome.



Accolades & Affiliations

Fast Odds has garnered various accolades, including a featured review in Gambling Online Magazine, scoring favorable ratings in the portal reviews section.

Gambling Portal Webmasters Association memberFastOdds is a proud member of the G.P.W.A. (Gambling Portal Webmasters Association), a non-profit entity created to ensure an admiral degree of fairness amongst online casinos, sportsbooks, and gambling portal websites.



Link To Us

Fast Odds strives to be a valuable online resource for gamblers. If you are a webmaster, editor, or just a casual visitor who would like to provide a link to our site, please use the following details*: **

title: Fast Odds Casino & Sports Gambling
url: www.fastodds.com
description: Gambling directory with live sports odds, payouts for online casinos, bookmaker reviews, casino games strategy and more.

* If you are linking directly to a specific page or section, please use that page or section's respective url and title.

** Please only link to this site if you are the owner or webmaster of a gambling, game related, or media / news website. Please no links from general web portals, unrelated directories, etc.



Responsible Gaming

Fast Odds strongly supports responsible gaming.

If you, or anyone you know might have a gambling problem, we recommend seeking help through Gamblers Anonymous or Gamcare.



Future Development

Future applications of Fast Odds hold many possibilities. If you are interested in lending your ideas, talents or investment to the development of the brand, please send us an inquiry with your name and idea, and a representative will contact you directly.

For more information about employment and investment opportunities, please visit our partners page.





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