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Keno Game Odds

In the casino game of keno, a player selects anywhere from nine to fifteen numbers from a pool of eighty, with twenty numbered balls being drawn. More numbers matched equates to a higher payout. If all of a player's selected numbers come up, the jackpot is won. Because there are so many numbers involved (over twice as many as a roulette wheel), the odds are relatively steep. Depending on where you play, the house edge can vary between 25 and 40 percent. The odds of winning a keno jackpot are on par with winning a state lottery jackpot, usually climbing into the millions.



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One of the reasons keno is a popular game with players is because of its high win potential versus small bet sizes.



Keno At Land Casinos

Usually, keno games found at land casinos start at 2 credits per ticket and have you pick nine numbers out of 80. The odds of you picking all nine are a little more than 1.3 million to one, and jackpots usually cap out at 250,000. The allure of the game is largely rooted in the potentially large reward for small amount wagered. So why do casinos have keno if it carries such poor odds?

Casinos have keno for a couple reasons:

  • To diversify the selection of games. Keno appeals to a different type of player than craps or baccarat because its rules are simple and anyone can learn to play quickly. As you might expect, the game enjoys great popularity with lottery buffs.

  • Keno makes a tidy profit for the house. Keno lounges usually occupy a considerable amount of space on the casino floor. To ensure a decent monetary return per square foot, casino operators require a hefty house advantage.


Keno At Online Casinos

Playing keno at online casinos is almost identical to the version found at land casinos with a few exceptions:

  • Players choose a minimum of ten numbers, sometimes as many as fifteen.

  • The jackpots usually aren't as high as 250,000 credits.

  • Tickets can be purchased for as little as 1 credit.

  • The time in between games is short, so you can play more games in less time.



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