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Online Video Slots Wins

Video slots offer players an incredible variety of themes and winning possibilities. Their popularity at land casinos has made them a natural carry-over to the online world, with thousands of games available. There is something for every player and level of play. From bet sizes small to large, online video slots provide very good chances at scoring some pretty decent payouts. Added fun features like free spins, bonus games, and multi-payline payouts serve to enhance their appeal. Have a look at a few of our wins to get an idea of what's in store. All of the pictures on this page are of real money wins by real people.

If you have a winning shot you'd like to add to the page, please send it to us with a short summary of your win at diceroll [at] fastodds.com, and we will post it. (please use large size images, if possible)


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Online Video Slots

5 Reel Drive
This is one of Microgaming's oldest video slots. You can tell it's old by the number of paylines. Back when video slots were first appearing online, most only had five to nine paylines instead of 20 to 50 (or more) like you see with modern games. 5 Reel Drive is noteworthy because it's volatile. Catch it at the right time, and you could score a big win with a little stake - like this one. 2.25 credits were bet and four yellow racer symbols plus one wild sign appeared on payline 3 for a 234.25 credit win.

casino: Intertops*
(*Intertops now features software by RealTime Gaming)


Aztec's Treasure Video Slot
view larger

(more screens: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Aztec's Treasure
If you're looking for a video slot with a rewarding bonus round, give this one by Realtime Gaming a try. Aztec's Treasure features native tribal symbols and has some decent volatility. The bonus is achieved by landing three or more idol signs. You only get five free spins, but that can quickly be improved by landing additional idols during the bonus, which award extra free games. Keep an eye out for the warrior wild symbol. These appear often and many times in groups of three or more. It's possible to fill up all five reels with these. In this win, $0.20 was bet, and a total of $34.36 was won - a small amount, but a decent return considering the bare minimum bet size.

casino: Sloto Cash


Big Kahuna Snakes & Ladders
This is a fun, tropical jungle themed video slot. It's the sequel to the original Big Kahuna slot, and has a really cool bonus game where you roll dice to see how far you advance on a big game board that bears a strong resemblance to the board game Chutes and Ladders. In this win, five of the jungle hero signs appeared on payline 10 - thanks to two wild Big Kahuna symbols, which completed the win. A smaller payline win with three watermelons completed the payout. Only 60 coins (0.60 credits) were bet, and 8,080 coins (80.80 credits) were won for a pretty good return.

casino: Casino Action


Builder Beaver
This is an example of how you can get a decent payout that also triggers a free games session. In Builder Beaver, the beaver symbol is wild. Three or more of them activates the bonus round which gives you ten free spins. This time six different paylines combined for a 30.44 credit payout. The bonus ended up paying another 10 credits for a total of 40.82 credits. It was a modest win, but with only 0.25 credits wagered, a pretty good return on investment.

casino: Intertops


Bush Telegraph
This is another older video slot featuring an Aussie bush theme that has fifteen paylines. It was one of the first microgaming video slots to offer free spins and a bonus game. In this win, 0.90 credits were bet with five of the drum critters coming up on payline 14. The bush wild sign completed the payout for a total of 30 credits.

casino: Vegas 7*
(*We are no longer affiliated with Vegas 7,
and recommend Vegas Slot for this game.)


Cashville 1
This is still my biggest online slot win to date on any type of machine. Back in 2005, around the time it debuted, I played Cashville a lot, many times with good results. The wild signs come up often, there are four different bonus games, and you can win a lot off of a small wager. On this occasion, 200 coins (2 credits) were bet and five Bette Boodle symbols came up on payline 10 for a win of 100,000 coins (1,000 credits). I almost couldn't believe it, and needless to say, was pretty happy. After a win this big, I wasn't tempted to press my luck (well maybe a little), but I eventually made a nice cashout.

casino: King Neptune's


Cashville 2
Another day, a different session... this is an example of how you can win big from Cashville's bonus games. Since I had already won big a day earlier, I upped the ante to 200 0.02 credit coins (4 credits per spin), and three bonus signs came up. Whenever three or more bonus signs appear - on any payline in any position - the bonus round is activated. This time, I chose Dame Von Deeds whose game lets you pick one deed (or 2 or 3 deeds if you get 4 or 5 bonus symbols, respectively). Luck continued to be on my side as I picked the highest value deed for 20,000 coins (400 credits). It's always nice to get a big score when raising your wager.

casino: King Neptune's

Count Spectacular
This is a fun dracula themed video slot machine with some ghoulish symbols. While we've captured much bigger wins than this one, the screenshot illustrates the interesting bonus round this game features. If you land a Count sign on reels 1 and 5, the bonus round is awarded. The Count fills both reels, and you either select Count 1 - who offers 12 spins with a 3x multiplier, or Count 2 - who offers 4 re-spins (see larger screenshot). Your first instinct might be to go with the higher number of spins, but the re-spin option might be your best bet. The Count symbols act as wilds, and fill reels 1 & 5, so that dramatically increases your chances of getting five Count Draculas and winning a huge jackpot.

casino: Sloto Cash


God Of Wealth Video Slot
view larger

(bonus screens: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)

God Of Wealth
This is a fast-paced widescreen slot by Realtime Gaming featuring an Asian lucky eights theme. There is a speed meter in case the default setting is too fast for you - or not fast enough if you really want to keep things moving. This win highlights the bonus round, which is triggered when you land three or more golden bowl (idol) symbols. Picking idols one at a time reveals how many free spins you receive. This win occurred on the 12th free spin out of 14 in the bonus. Nine God Of Wealth wild symbols appeared, including five across the center payline. This resulted in twelve (12) payline wins, including two 5-wild jackpot wins. Only 25ยข was bet and $249.33 was won (during the whole bonus round). That made for a little over 997 times the original wager!

casino: Intertops


This is one of my favorite online video slots. It seemed to be much more volatile early in its existence, although that could just be luck at play. I had some pretty incredible runs on Halloweenies. In this instance, the free spins bonus was triggered, and then re-triggered nine times in a row - for a total of 117(!) free spins. Somewhere in the middle of it, five of the skeleton symbols came up for a single payline win of 6,187 coins (61.87 credits). The grand total win was in the 200 credit range (I don't have a picture of that). Not bad for a bonus round that almost would not end.

casino: casino: Sun Vegas*
(*Sun Vegas has closed. We recommend
Crazy Vegas for this game.)


Isis 1
This is a cool Egyptian themed video slot by microgaming. When you get three (or more) of the desert eagle scatter symbols on any payline, the free spins feature is triggered. In the free spins round, you get 24 spins and all wins are multiplied by six, which is really very generous. This time, I was betting 1 credit per spin (four 0.01 coins times 25 lines), and this free spins sequence miraculously began with a 22,096 coin (220.96 credit) payout! Nice way to start a bonus round.

casino: Intertops*
(*Intertops now features software by Real Time Gaming)


Isis 2
This is a quick screenshot from the end of the same free spins bonus round, which ended up totaling 32,944 coins (329.44 credits), which is great considering the whole thing started with only a 1 credit bet. It's also worth mentioning that the session started on a 5 credit free bonus - all house money. It's very easy to bust with only 5 credits, but after my Isis win and a couple others, I parlayed that freebie into more than 500 credits - quite lucky indeed.

casino: Intertops*
(*Intertops now features software by Real Time Gaming)


Another popular video slot that caused a small controversy when it came out - one group of casinos refused to carry it until later relenting - Loaded features a hip hop theme, and is a game, if played right, you can take straight to the bank. The bonus round gives you three options between more spins or higher multiplier. I usually select the middle option, which kind of balances both. In this win, five of the golden diva symbols appeared on payline 13, with the wild rapper 777 sign completing the match. All wins in the bonus round are multiplied 3x, so that made for a total of 14,400 coins (144 credits) - off a 0.50 credit bet. And there were still 11 free spins to go!

casino: Intertops*
(*Intertops now features software by Real Time Gaming)


The Osbournes
While amiable and a little kitschy even, The Osbournes video slot is usually good for a few spins. I've played this one quite a bit, and it's never been that lucky for me. The bonus is triggered when you get three or more Mini the dog scatter symbols, awarding ten free spins at a 2x bonus. Mini starts out on a walk and keeps advancing if more scatter symbols appear on reels 2, 3, or 4. If you manage to move her five steps forward, you get an additional ten spins, and a member of the family pops out with a prize. While only 4,182 coins (41.82) credits were won here, I did manage to get Mini the dog pretty far along her bonus run.

casino: Spin Palace


Polar Explorer Video Slot
view larger

(more screens: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

Polar Explorer
This arctic expedition themed slot is often volatile. It's a Feature Guarantee game, which means after 125 spins at a particular bet level, you are guaranteed to earn a chance at the bonus round. With each spin, your chances of getting the bonus increase until they become 100%. You can opt to try for it sooner, say once you get to 95%, but it's best to wait for the sure thing (see screenshots). A compass, polar bear, seal, and dolphin are some of the higher value symbols, while the ship is the scatter. The explorer fellow is wild and substitutes for any sign. In addition to the Feature Guarantee, the bonus round may trigger at any time once the background snowflakes align on reels 2, 3, and 4. From the screens, you can see that the bonus rounds can be quite rewarding.

casino: Lucky Red


Shiver Me Feathers
The array of interesting themes in video slots is virtually endless. Shiver Me Feathers sports a pirates motif complete with parrots, maps, and treasure chests. This win wasn't incredibly large, just 2100 coins (21 credits), but this illustrates how video slots allow you to win on more than one payline with each spin. Lines 4 and 18 were winners with 5 and 3 treasure maps, respectively.

casino: Sun Vegas*
(*Sun Vegas has closed. We recommend
Crazy Vegas for this game.)


Supe It Up
This is a 4x4 themed video slot that can be hit or miss. Supe It Up can be quite rewarding if it's on a roll, like in this instance where the free spins feature had just been activated. Similar to Isis (listed above), all wins during the feature are multiplied by 6. Four blue buggy symbols on line four ordinarily pays out 400 coins (4 credits), and that was multiplied to 2,400 coins (24 credits) with the 6x bonus multiplier. It's easy to see how small wins can add up to something bigger, and a win is always a good way to start a free spins bonus session.

casino: All Jackpots


Vinyl Countdown
I don't know what it is about these earlier video slots (usually low number of paylines), but they seem to pay out quite a lot when they are hot. Vinyl Countdown has a 1950s malt shop theme and can reward you very handsomely if you give it some action. In this screen, four scatter symbols appeared - which can be in any position - and 112.50 credits were won off a mere 2.25 credits bet.

casino: Sun Vegas*
(*Sun Vegas has closed. We recommend
Crazy Vegas for this game.)


Wooly World 1
This slot is freaking adorable. Baby cavemen, saber tooth tigers, and wooly mammoth signs are featured in Wooly World. What's even more entertaining is the amount you can win playing it. In this screen, at least five paylines came up winners (it's a little hard to tell because two symbols were blinking). The frozen saber tooth is the highest paying sign in the game, and four of them appeared on payline 19 for 6,000 coins (60 credits). The caveman sign is wild, so that completed several other payline wins for a total of 13,620 coins (136.20 credits).

casino: Vegas 7*
(*We are no longer affiliated with Vegas 7,
and recommend Vegas Slot for this game)


Wooly World 2
Not to be outdone, a little later in the same session, I came back to give Wooly World another go. It paid out earlier, and I was still up on my bankroll so why not? This time, I scored five frozen armadillos on payline 11. A 140 coin (1.40 credit) bet returned 10,500 coins (105 credits).

casino: Vegas 7*
(*We are no longer affiliated with Vegas 7,
and recommend Vegas Slot for this game)


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