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Should Roulette Strategy Change Depending On Where You Play?

Roulette Strategy
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There has been much deliberation about strategies to play roulette and whether certain systems can increase one’s chances of success. With so many different formats of the game, can these strategies be applied across the board?

Whether you play roulette in the casino, online against the computer, or online roulette with a live link to a real table, you will have pondered over what is the best way to make the most of the game. Many people enjoy the thrill of watching the wheel spin, and waiting to see if they get lucky, but regular players have certain techniques to try and maximise their chances.


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There are hundreds of articles online that outline some of the most popular ways of playing roulette. The most well-known method is the Martingale system, and can be used as a foundation for betting systems across all casino games, not just roulette.

The basic principle of the system is that you keep betting on the same set of numbers - or colour - and double your stake every time you lose. This means that when you win you will recover your losses. It is not an effective system for winning large amounts, but it is a good tactic for minimizing losses. The Martingale system can be used in conjunction with more complex systems, which are all strategies that can be applied to whichever form of roulette you are playing.


Roulette Players
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Should You Change Your Tactics?

With games like poker, players will change their tactics when they play online and when they play in real life. When playing poker against opponents that you can’t see, the game is changed dramatically. In the real world, skilled poker players will look to try and read their opponent’s body language, and try to gauge what kind of hand the other player may be holding. When playing online, though, players can’t see their opponents, so have to try and pick up on tells in a different way. This could be by comparing how much they bet when they have a winning hand, to how much they bet when they are trying to bluff.

It is not uncommon for people to assume that roulette changes in the online setting as well. When playing against a computer, the player is betting on completely random numbers generated by a number simulator. Although people may find this hard to believe, and think that these number generators are rigged in some way, they are actually more reliable than when a croupier drops the ball in the wheel. Whether they intend to or not, the croupier has some natural influence on the direction of the ball.

Whether players should change their tactics over these minor differences is open to debate, but when playing in a casino, players may like to put their chips on the board in an area that is less dominated by bets, to see if the croupier has some control over where the ball goes.

The most important tactic to follow when playing roulette in any format is to set yourself some simple rules, such as how much you are willing to stake, and stick to them.




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