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3 Ways To Beat The Slots

The whole slot experience has evolved significantly over the past 10 years, and even though technology has helped the traditional slot games change quite dramatically since we were first introduced to the classic slots of yesteryear, there have always been those who have convinced themselves that they are beatable.

Unfortunately, slot games are built purely to make money and not to constantly pay it out. Of course lucky players have the opportunity to pick up a win, and if the timing's right then the win itself can be quite significant.

However, this timing is all down to being in the right place at the right time, and with little-to-no skill involved in the vast majority of slot games, are there actually any genuine ways out there in which you can beat the slots?


Three Ways To Beat The Slots

A bank of traditional style three reel slot machines.


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Controlling Your Spend   |   Systems & Strategies   |   Familiarising Yourself With The Slot

Controlling Your Spend

The one thing in gambling that often gets away from players is the ability to take control of their spending and their all-important bankroll.

With all the excitement and the thrill of a win it’s very easy to lose yourself in the moment and continue chasing a game in search of an even bigger win. Unfortunately, this can often mean that you end up losing a lot of money in a very brief amount of time.

Be smarter with your gambling money. Set yourself limits beforehand to better control your spend and make sure you get a good idea about the particular slot game you are most interested in playing. For example, payout percentages vary game to game, and so it’s definitely worth taking a look at each machine before you start dropping money in. The slots with the higher percentages of payout, which will be displayed on the machines themselves, will increase your odds of winning.


Systems & Strategies

In casino-based gambling there are numerous betting systems and strategies that players have adopted over the years to help improve their chances of winning at a particular game.

However, it does have to be said that these strategies, although they can make things more interesting, cannot possibly have any real bearing on the outcome of a game - especially when dealing with slot games.

Whilst these systems should be used purely for fun, there are certain softer strategies worth adopting to help you when sat at a slot machine. Picking machines with smaller jackpots may sound counterintuitive, but you are more likely to win at those than a machine with a bigger cashpot.

Slot games that have progressive jackpots and other special bonuses also will only often payout if you happen to play with maximum credits so make sure you double check before you play.



Familiarising Yourself With The Slot

When playing online, you will often get the chance to try out each slot game for free. This is a great opportunity for players to play for as long as they need in order to learn and familiarise themselves better with the game and all its potential bonuses and other features.

If you’re playing in a land-based casino this can be a little more difficult so it’s important to read everything you can written on the machine to discover the payout rates, the rules, and any other special information you may need before you play.





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