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Does gender effect what and how we play?

Does Gender Effect What And How We Play?

No matter what people say in this politically correct world, there are a ton of differences between how men and women behave, and a good deal of these differences can be seen when people are enjoying their online betting sites. Whether that’s a game of classic European roulette or playing bingo at sites like William Hill Bingo, these sites provide us with just the right environment to study if gender has an effect on what and how we play games.

For century upon century there has been a gender battle, with the consensus being that women are from Venus and men from Mars, and reputedly from most modern constitutions and governments are equal, that does not mean that their preferences are necessarily the same, and nor should they be.
Statistics can be useful when taken over a large sample of people, and if these are applied to the games that men and women prefer, there are some definite patterns produced and that are also tied into the reasons why we actually gamble.

Take slots, bingo, and scratchcards.  All of these activities are about having fun, and not so much emphasis is placed on the competitive side of the games - unlike poker, video poker, and blackjack.  The first selection is widely played and enjoyed by women, as they tend to gamble as an enjoyable pastime as is proved with bingo, where the social side of things is probably more important than the game of bingo itself, whilst poker, blackjack, and video poker are about doing everything you can to improve and beat your opponents.  Men tend to gamble for the action and the competitive nature of the games they choose.

Interestingly according to some psychologists men actually have an in-built need to dominate their rivals and win, and they also are drawn towards those games of skill as they enjoy the thrill of games like high stakes poker, roulette, crap, blackjack, and baccarat (the game of 007!)

On the other hand, women tend to approach gambling a lot differently and look at their time spent at the online casino as time to be entertained, whilst catching up with friends, making new ones, and generally having a laugh whilst being kept up-to-date with all the latest gossip.  Games of luck appeal more to women where they do not have to focus all of their energies on the hand they have or the particular betting system they are using.

One interesting fact is that these gender traits can easily become blurred online due to a couple of factors. One being that all games are available to all players. There is no intimidation from experienced players or dealers when you are in your own home, and you can be as anonymous as you like which removes that gender bias on certain games.  One the flip side of the coin, there are slots games that have been especially designed to incorporate an element of skill and entertainment aimed at attracting men.

Software developers recognised the increase of social aspects of games and because of that there are more multi-player versions of the classic games such as roulette, slots, and of course bingo.  Chat features have increased although chat logs between men tend to be competitive and serious, and chat can get a little out of hand at times, but this is the way that men bond. The chat logs between women tend to celebrate their friends' wins, they bond and meet time after time over the internet, enjoying their time.

These tendencies of people as a whole shape how the software developers produce their games. Of course, this is a generalisation as there are many men who do enjoy a game of bingo or a spin of the reels just as much as some women love the competitive side of card games and roulette, but it is interesting to consider the different aspects of how men and women gamble, play, and interact with each other online.




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