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Bingo King Of Online Games

Top Five Reasons Why Bingo Is The King Of Online Games

The choices about where to spend, and hopefully increase, your cash online are almost limitless with many, many online bookmakers, poker sites, casinos and bingo sites all willing to accept your currency. Some are better than others and my personal preference for online play is bingo - a game no longer the preserve of smoky halls - and my reasons are as such.


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So Many Ways To Win   |   Variation   |   Socializing   |   Promotions   |   Something For Nothing

So Many Ways To Win

Unlike sports betting and poker, where you either win or you lose, each game of bingo that you play has several different ways that you can claim a cash prize. Even if you don't win the holy grail of bingo game prizes, the Full House, you can still win by filling in one or two lines in the 90 ball/UK and Ireland version of the game and claim your reward!



As well as the 90 ball version of bingo, where you fill out the numbers on your card line by line to claim prizes, all online bingo sites also offer the 75 ball version of the game, popularised in the USA in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Each version of this game is different as you fill in your card in a pre-defined shape, called at the start of the game, to win the prize for the game. With the shape changing each time, you're guaranteed a new and exciting game each time you play!



Unlike sports betting and casino / slot games online where it's basically you and your choices in front of, and on, the screen. Bingo and poker are similar to each other with regards to the social aspect of gaming, but with poker players actively playing against each other and attempting to put each other off or bully them out of the hand you can see the nastier side of social gaming come to the fore. Bingo is like the smoky halls of days gone by where there is a great community atmosphere and everyone gets along, making the games and hours fly by in the best possible way.



While all online gaming emporiums are looking to hook new customers in with large first deposit offers and loyalty rewards, I have found that online bingo sites tend to be the best places to find great opening offers to get to visit their games. Play free bingo games at DowntownBingo, they have a fantastic offer of a $25 No Deposit bonus credited to you just for creating your account and with one of the most generous first deposit bonus of 500% they are paying you to play your favorite game!


Something For Nothing

Online bingo sites offer some of the best free games in the online gambling industry with free games and real, and big, cash prizes awarded to the winners! Sports betting, casino games and poker tend to, for the main part, offer only play money chips for non real money bets and wagers, yet the online bingo sites I frequent offer daily money prizes for absolutely no investment! Couple this with the above mentioned promotions and you can build yourself a sizeable bankroll in no time at all!




Enjoy a leisurely game of 75 or 90 ball at one of the internet's top bingo sites.

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