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Factors That Help You Find The Best Poker Bonuses

Looking to start playing online poker and wondering how to find the top bonuses? Hint: it isn't all about looking at how much potential money each bonus is worth! No, there are some other factors that you should consider regarding poker signup bonuses. For starters, you can check out the best poker bonuses at PokerStop since they have lots of good signup rewards listed in one place. Furthermore, you'll definitely want to read the following factors that constitute a quality poker bonus.



Rake Requirements   |   Time Limit   |   Upfront Money

Rake Requirements

The first thing that you want to consider when looking at a worthwhile poker bonus is the amount of money you need to rake. Usually expressed as wagering requirements, this determines how much online poker you'll need to play to unlock your reward. For example, you might have to earn 10 points, which would require $5 in total rake, to unlock each bonus dollar. And this would be much better than having to rake $10 for 10 points, which might then unlock a bonus dollar. That said, you should always first consider the wagering requirements upon visiting a poker site; then look at the amount of money available.



Time Limit

In an effort to speed up your play, many internet poker rooms impose a time limit with regard to earning your bonus. For example, a site may give you three months from the time of the initial deposit to collect as much of the reward as you can. Once the three months are up, you won't be able to earn any more of your bonus money. The longer the better with the time limit - especially when you're a casual player! In some cases, you can find poker sites that have a six-month time limit, or even no limit at all.



Upfront Money

One more very important aspect to a quality signup bonus is whether or not you receive any money up front. For example, some sites like 888poker will deposit money into your account as soon as you sign up. Another example would be Party Poker, which gives players free money when they deposit and use a specific bonus code. In any case, this is great because you get to use the money right away in cash games and tournaments. Just make a note that you won't be able to cash this money out, though, until wagering requirements are met.



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