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Gambling Payout Odds & Game Fairness

One of the biggest concerns for players is making sure the site with which they bet is completely on the level. Find out what steps are being taken in the modern online gambling industry in order to guarantee game fairness for gamblers and that a site adheres to a consistently high payout schedule.



Online Gambling Guide:

Payout Odds & Game Fairness

It is not a government’s responsibility alone to ensure fairness for players, so secondary, wholly impartial entities, such as eCOGRA, have risen up.  These companies are usually in charge of managing monthly audits for online casinos, ensuring that their games are producing favorable payout percentages for players.

The casino payout categories are usually divided into four main categories:

  • payouts for all games
  • payouts for slots games
  • payouts for table games
  • payouts for poker games

Generally, an online casino’s payouts will range somewhere in the mid-to-high ninetieth percentile (95-99%), although depending largely on luck, the numbers for a given month are known to sway a bit in either direction.  If a player, or whole group players, has been extra lucky at a game or collection of games, the payout rate for that month should tend to be a little higher.

Payout rates for poker games are usually the highest, often ranging right around 100% (+/- 3%), possibly due to the fact that online video poker holds a relatively small house edge, and also due to the number of skilled players who play these games.

Table games also consistently rate highly, as online casinos offer dozens of blackjack games with minimal house advantages, and other games with favorable odds for players such as craps and baccarat.

Slots games tend to offer the most variable payout percentages, likely due their sheer unpredictability, so although their payout rates tend to average in the mid-nineties, they can sometimes go as low as 80% or as high as 110%.

For a listing of the highest paying online casinos for the most recent audit period, visit our online casino payouts section.  All in all, it’s good to know that the casino at which a player has chosen to play is checked out periodically by an independent authority to guarantee fair game odds and payouts.


Online Gambling Guide:

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