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Wynn and Encore Hotel ResortsEntering The Resort

As the desert sun was starting to set, I made my way past the man-made mountain, complete with its 97 foot waterfall, and through the row of upscale stores inside the Wynn shopping promenade, finally arriving at the main casino floor. It was now 7:15, and my basketball game started at 7:30, so there was no time for picture taking. Well, maybe one. I'd stayed at the Wynn back when it was new, but it had been a few years and I couldn't remember exactly where the sportsbook was located. This resulted in a slightly longer-than-necessary route until I saw a sign pointing me in the right direction. I made it to the betting window just in time, placed my bet, and headed to the nearby bar to grab a couple bourbon and cokes before settling into my seat for the game.

Posh Place To Bet
Wynn Sportsbook

I chose to take in the game at the Wynn mainly because it's one of the nicest sportsbooks in Las Vegas. The other reason being that, having stayed at the resort previously for a few nights, I was a little sentimental about the place and wanted to make sure I stopped in during my trip. In keeping with the rest of the resort, the sportsbook is lavish. There is wood paneling all around, and semi-private betting desks with tvs and plush leather chairs. If I had to raise an issue with any aspect of the place, it would be the air conditioning units under the desks. They just seem unnecessary. The casino is already thoroughly cooled so why would someone need an extra fan to keep their legs and midsection from getting too hot? While watching the game, all it did was make my eyes dry. Perhaps there was a switch to turn it off? I didn't see one. Anyways, I ended up moving once when I got my first drink refill, and that turned out to be an excellent choice because there was a complimentary drink ticket sitting on the desk at my new spot - many thanks to whomever left it.

winning at the WynnWinning At The Wynn, Keeping The Night Going

Three hours and five drinks later, the game ended and I won all of my wagers, going 4-for-4 on the day. I happily cashed in my tickets and went for a walk around the casino floor, intending to sit down for a session of blackjack. While perusing the tables, I was reminded that for this particular time of day at the Wynn, it was unlikely that I would find a blackjack table for low rollers. $25 seemed to be the lowest minimum, with the rest of the tables at $50, $100 and I think I even saw a couple at $1000. After all, this is one of the higher-end casinos in town. Despite my bankroll being well up for the day, I decided to keep my winnings for the time being. It was half past ten o' clock, and I hadn't eaten in about eight hours. Food was not on my mind, though. Between the walking, the winning, the drinking, and a little adrenaline thrown in for good measure, I was ready to keep going. My good senses told me to head straight to the front of the hotel to hail a cab, but wanderlust got the better of me and I went back across the street to the Venetian to play some blackjack.


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