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How To Play Online Rummy Games

Rummy is indeed the most popular online card game and its popularity is rising with each passing day. People love this card game because of its simplicity as well as the interesting moments they get to experience while playing this 13 cards game. Now with the advent of the internet and the world going online you have the advantage of playing an online rummy game anytime, anywhere as and when you wish like with this rummy free game download.


How To Play Online Rummy Games

Online rummy can be played in the traditional style against real people or against virtual opponents, such as in the casino game of three card rummy (pictured above).


Basic Gameplay

Before starting out, one should be aware of all the rules to play this interesting card game involving skill. One can easily learn this game by paying attention to the rules of the game to get started. So if you are still wondering how to play rummy online, then this is a ready reference for you to master your game of rummy. First, one needs to understand that a player must use and complete all the cards in his/her hand to form sets or sequences and this is the main objective of this game. In this game, a sequence is comprised of three or more cards bearing the same suit and in a consecutive order, while a set is formed of three of four cards that are identical in rank and of different suits.


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Basic Gameplay   |   Rules Of The Game

Rules Of The Game

Rummy may be played by two to six players with a standard playing card deck of 52 cards and the players can decide to play it for a round, a number of rounds, or to reach a target score as per their understanding. At the start of the game, the first dealer is chosen at random and that can be decided by each player drawing a single card from the deck, with the lowest card getting to deal first. After each game, the deal alternates. In case of two players or otherwise in case of more than two players, the deal moves clockwise.
    • A card consists of four suits in a deck - Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, and Clubs.

    • A suit has 13 cards - A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K.

    • Each player is dealt 13 cards.

    • Dealer deals 13 cards to each player and then the player picks up the card and opens it or picks up another card from the closed pile.

    • A player also has to discard a card from his hand when he picks a card from closed or open deck and then next player’s turn begins.

    • When a player melds all his/her cards meeting all the requirements a player can call it a show.

    • Prior to melding, one card needs to be placed face down and this is called a closing card.

    • All the cards are melded and verified and then players are prompted to arrange their cards to declare or show.

    • Any inaccurate melding will result in a player dropped out of the game.

    • At the end of the game, the dealer tallies the value of each player’s unmatched cards.


In addition to these rules, many players and groups have their own rules while playing with real cards. While playing online rummy, one needs to adhere to these rummy rules and go through them prior to starting a game.






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